You've been reheating pizza wrong your whole life

Since a normal pizza pie has eight slices, leftovers are just about inevitable — and there is nothing worse than utterly ruining the tacky slices whereas trying to reheat them.

It is fairly straightforward to finish up with a soggy backside, chewy crust and dried out cheese and tomato sauce. That is in all probability since you’ve doubtless been doing it flawed this entire time.

Have you ever tried an oven? A microwave? A grill? Mistaken, improper and improper!

In a diagram posted to Reddit, Brooklyn pizzeria Roberta’s explains the right option to reheat a chilly slice of pizza, and it includes a low-warmth hob, a non-stick frying pan and a bit of little bit of water. Bear with us.

After the pizza’s been within the pan for 2 minutes and the underside is crispy, place two drops of water in (away from the pizza) and scale back the warmth to low. Chuck a lid on the pan and depart the pizza to steam for a minute – permitting the cheese to soften, the tomato sauce to warmth up and the underside/crust to remain crispy.

Pizza lovers, this might change your life.

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