Dog food recalled due to possible salmonella contamination

Loving Pets of Cranbury, New Jersey is voluntarily recalling a few of its canine treats that could be contaminated with Salmonella.

“Salmonella can have an effect on animals consuming the merchandise and there’s danger to people from dealing with contaminated pet merchandise, particularly in the event that they haven’t completely washed their palms after having contact with the merchandise or any surfaces uncovered to those merchandise,” the FDA stated on Wednesday.

Pets with Salmonella infections might show torpid conduct and vomiting, or diarrhea, bloody diarrhea and fever.

Others will present a decreased urge for food, fever and stomach ache. In case your pet has consumed the recalled merchandise and has these signs, contact your veterinarian.

The recalled gadgets are listed under:

Loving Pets Barksters™
Merchandise #5700 Candy Potato and Hen UPC 842982057005 – Lot # 021619
Merchandise #5705 Brown Rice and Hen UPC 842982057050 – Lot 021419

Loving Pets Puffsters™ Snack Chips
Merchandise #5100 Apple and Hen UPC 842982051003 – Lot 051219, 112118, 112918, 012719, 012519, 013019
Merchandise #5110 Banana and Hen UPC 842982051102 – Lot 112218, 112818, 112918, 013119
Merchandise #5120 Candy Potato and Hen UPC 842982051201 – Lot 112818, 020119
Merchandise #5130 Cranberry and Hen UPC 842982051300 – Lot 020319, 112918, 020219

Entire Hearted™
Merchandise #2570314 Hen and Apple Puff Treats UPC 800443220696 – Lot 121418, 121918, 122318, 010419, 010619, 010519

No sicknesses, accidents or complaints have been reported.

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