Carjackings dip barely in Rockford in 2017


Rockford saw a drop in carjackings late last night.

From October to December of last year, Rockford Police say there were six vehicular hijackings.

In 2016, during that same time, there were eight. Both years saw the same number of attempted car jackings with two.

The police department says while two fewer carjackings isn’t jump, any drop in crime is positive.

The best way to get that number to zero starts with you, they say.

“We do see an increase in stolen vehicles when the weather gets colder because people have a tendency to leave the keys in the car warming them up,” Lt. Kurt Whisenand with Rockford Police said.  

“That’s why we always warn people not to do that or have a second set of keys and lock the vehicle.”

Police say a majority of the suspects involved in carjackings are juveniles.

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